Tuesday, 04 December 2012 11:31 BBOSA K.M. Billy


Am privileged being in training in IT with ITCT http://www.itct-africa.org  here in Kampala.

The training is timely !

The training is tailor-made as IT is in real life situations and here to stay !

The training has gone far to  empowering us(TEACHERS)in using IT not only as a personal requisite but even as a teaching learning tool.

The coverage has also helped me in managing my personal documents through the packages of database and excel.

I have also managed to make a PowerPoint (impress)presentation on the topic''Uganda@50'.I can share it with you on a request note at my email ID

Am in plan to put to use the computer lab at my school by designing a timetable fitting my school setting.

Additionally,am contacting a secondary school near my home place to allow me offer lessons in IT not only only in the school system but even to the teachers.

An outreach to the community through different public organizations and government personnel/workers,offering them the knowledge I have so far attained is also in plan.

Am looking forward to other colleagues with interest in IT to link up with me so that I have the programs above realised.

BBOSA K.M. Billy.

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