Tuesday, 04 December 2012 11:55 Kibirige

IT is the way to go.This is a computer era,where the world has become a global village.Within no minute you get to know whats happening in the whole world.Thus,it would be good for every one who doesn't want to lag behind to know more about computers,hence I commend ITCT Africa for the innovations.

Am grateful for the work done by IT-CT Africa.Personally,I thank God for choosing me to be among the beneficiaries of this pro gramme. Of recent,I was on course where we were told to make presentations in power point,and it was so challenging to most of us.But all this has been covered in this course.So I feel blessed.I can not say how I wish it was earlier before my completion,this is God's timing,thus I only say,its the right time because its never late.Very soon I will be in position to apply what I have learn t  from here.

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