Schools and Education in Uganda

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 09:01 BBOSA K.M. Billy


The foundation of schools and education in Uganda is basically on the arrival of missionaries in Uganda wayback in the 1870s.

The basic purpose of giving education was to the converts in the first Christian sects – Anglican and Roman Catholics.

The converts were to attend catechism classes and as a necessity ,they had to learn reading and writing.

The converts also had to be equipped with basic livelihood skills – carpentry,tailoring and the likewise,the converts also had to be looked after socially- health care and health education, adult literacy .

Now due to developments,education has developed so fast that there are levels-nursery,primary,secondary,tertiary and university.

Within all the systems above the duration differs-nursery..3 years,primary..7 years,secondary...6 years(4 years and 2 years-4 years senior one to senior four,2 years for high school-senior 5 and six)

There is a new trend now in the use of computers -IT. This has made the teaching/learning situations to be global.

Though there are basic values for school education in Uganda,the end result is to combat poverty, poor health care, and lack of adequate food among all Ugandans.

The citizens are developed towards increased literacy, greater awareness of social and health issues, improved nutrition, and greater living standards over all.

BBOSA K.M.Billy.


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